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资深营养顾问,  致力于将美国营养学、免疫学上最新知识带到华人社会, 提供个人健康咨询服务,按体质设计餐单作息计划,效果显着。本课程教导健康饮食的正确观念,  健康膳食的营养信息, 帮助您按照自然健康法则,  改变旧有的饮食习惯,  吃出健康,  吃出充满活力的人生!

Our senior nutrition consultants dedicate to bringing the latest knowledge of American nutrition and immunology to the Chinese community. They will provide personal health consulting services and design diet plans according to each individual’s needs and physical conditions.  This course teaches the concepts of healthy eating and the nutrition elements of food. By following the laws of the natural health, you will learn to change the old eating habits to improve your overall health and live a healthy and vibrant life!



健康讲座 美元$50


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